STEP BY STEP Instructions to VPN installationfollow the below instructions to setup VPN


  1. Please Login to your account with the URL link provided in the E-mail when you have purchased your plan.

    1. click on on the gray button "Select a Server"
    2. click on the the green button "Generate" to generate set of access keys

  2. step-1

  3. Download the Wireguard application client and install on your computer or a phone device. At the top and at the bottom of your account page, you will find three URL links. By default in its Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows apps. Click on any of the links to download the VPN client for Android, iPhone or Windows PC operating system. Once the download is completed, please proceed with Wireguard configuration

    1. step-2

    2. When using your computer device please click on the "Download Configuration File" and save it into desired folder on your computer.

      1. open Wireguard application and click on the "+" sign to add VPN connection.
      2. please select the option #1 once the dialog opens please locate the previously downloaded configuration file and enable the Tunnel.
      3. Name the Tunnel at your preference and enable it by moving the slider to the right.

    3. When using a phone device or tablet, press on the previously downloaded Wireguard application and click on the "+" sign to add VPN connection.

      1. click on the WireGuard icon and choose option #2 from the menu selection then scan the QR code presented in your website account with your phone.

    4. step-4

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