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  • Servers and Server Locations. DeepblueVPN.com was created by an expat with the intend to help expats who live in different parts of the world to connect with the US for various reasons: doing business, connecting with their families or watching US streaming channels, etc.
  • DeepBlueVPN has servers located in 3 regions in USA and gives great geographic coverage with its servers by placing them in the West, Central and Eastern standard time. Still, other VPN companies surpass it. ExpressVPN, for case, covers 94 nations.The DeepBlueVPN focuses only on North American continent as most of the streaming media companies release the content first and all of the world major developments happens there. Again, our focus is only directed to expats or individuals who doing business in US that's why we only provide access to US based servers.
  • Adroit snoops can screen DNS demands and track your developments online. Eager aggressors can too utilize DNS cache poisoning to coordinate you to false phishing pages planned to take your information. After you utilize a VPN's DNS framework, it's another layer of assurance. Secure DNS is making strides protection as of now, but a VPN goes a step beyond. There's a few wrangle about among security specialists around the viability of VPNs. Since most destinations presently back secure HTTPS associations, much of your online encounter is as of now scrambled. Secure DNS items like Cloudflare and Bitdefender's only exist absolutely since a few feel VPNs are pointless excess. Still, a VPN covers the data not as of now secured by HTTPS, places an critical buffer between you and the individuals controlling web foundation, and makes online following more complex.
  • A VPN can ensure your web activity from being monitored on by your ISP whereas too making it much harder for adversaries and promoters to track you online. Not at all like most VPN administrations, DeepBlueVPN offers a bit of everything on best of that essential assurance. We lean toward Wireguard protocol, which is open-source and so inspected by volunteers for potential vulnerabilities. The open-source VPN beneficiary clearly is WireGuard, which has more up to date innovation and the potential for indeed superior execution. WireGuard is still unused, and it hasn't been as broadly grasped as OpenVPN and other protocols.
  • AD BLOCKINGWe have implemented an Ad blocking functionality on the upstream level servers to prevent intrusive adds, third party cookies and malware from penetrating your personal device. This is not an equivalent of an Antivirus or Malware protection software but it is the first defense and of intrusion detection mechanism for faster internet browsing experience.
  • How Much Does DeepBlueVPN Cost?DeepBlueVPN costs $3.99 per month, $45 every year or $85 for 2 year plan. It's one of the lowest cost VPN with the most secure and safest service guarantee your anonymity. You can pay with credit cards and PayPal when using as Master Card option.


  • VPN administrations, whereas colossally accommodating, do not ensure against each potential risk. Employing a VPN can't offer assistance in case you rashly download ransomware or on the off chance that you're deceived into giving up your information to a phishing assault. We unequivocally suggest that per users utilize neighborhood antivirus program, empower two-factor confirmation wherever available, and utilize a secret word supervisor to make and store interesting, complex passwords for each site and benefit you use.
  • What are the Impediments of a VPN? There are only benefits of using encrypted interent connection, spyware free,virus free and totaly anonymous. Online surevillance has become part of our lives, foe military intelligence,data miners, advertisers, promoters have numerous strategies at their transfer to accumulate information on you and track your developments. This ranges from online trackers to browser fingerprinting. We suggest taking advantage of anti-tracking highlights in your browser, and introducing devoted tracker blockers just like the EFF's Protection Badger. Many VPN administrations moreover give their claim DNS determination framework. Think of DNS as a phone book that turns a text-based URL like "msn.com" into a numeric IP address.

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